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GNI - 003 Executor Lineart by kimchijung GNI - 003 Executor Lineart by kimchijung
holy crap this gundam's design literally took a good two years to finalize..... DDD: (so many concept arts scrapped!!!)
designed to carry out an assassin role, the Executor belongs to the team of four gundams that include the Tear [link] [link], and Templar [link] gundams

being an assassin, the Executor is designed to eliminate high priority targets in a firefight, or to fight alongside the other three gundams

- experimental NYX cloaking system (MS becomes visible for a short duration after executing an attack)
- trans am
- charged speed burst (releases compressed GN particles from thrusters for brief, increased speed)
- experimental target lock on jammer

- twin wrist mounted electroblades
- shoulder mounted GN physical shield
- shield mounted electroblade
- Tri-shot rifle (triple barreled rifle for high damage as well as a good rate of fire) (barrels on the top and bottom can pivot to fire at multiple targets at once)
- 2 beam sabers (stored within GN shield)

Other notes:
- The shield mounted electroblade is designed as a surprise attack against unsuspecting pilots. The electroblade section is deployed to show it (normally it would be retracted from view behind the shield). The mounting arm for the shield can extend as well, giving it an enormous striking range.

- The gundam is outfitted with numerous electroblades in order to hide the melee weapons to be used while in stealth mode. Any beam sabers or ranged weaponry would give away the gundam's position, so the electroblades were given. Because the gundam is revealed when it strikes, an extremely capable pilot is needed in order to destroy the target(s) and quickly retreat from enemies' line of fire for the NYX cloaking system to reengage.
IrkenPainter Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
2 years?! Whoa that's a lot of time! Oo But it was worth it ^^ Executor looks epic :3
kimchijung Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
ya mang... kept scrappin and scrappin and scrappin... left it for a while... came back to it.... scrapped some more... muh brain hurt x.X
IrkenPainter Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2012
Damn O.o
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