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RE - 001 Aspire by kimchijung RE - 001 Aspire by kimchijung
My first submission since coming back, I present the RE - 001 Aspire! (I think I've gotten much better at transforming parts 8D )

The RE - 001 Aspire is a mass production mobile suit that has transforms into a flight mode. Although the Aspire has the capability of flight in both modes, the flight mode allows the Aspire to move at 3 times the speed in MS form.

The Aspire runs on a Rift Enera engine, the basic theory behind it being that the engine acts as a form of a harnessing device for "rift" particles that is collected in its raw form and stored within the engine. The engine then converts these particles into photons that can be used to power the mobile suit, enabling movement, energy to armaments, propulsion and much more.

The Aspire is a mass production model used in the North American continent. In its era it is one of the first to use this new RE technology, and requires fine tuning on a regular basis. Therefore the Aspires (despite being a mass production model) cannot be created and maintained in enormous quantities. Each one of them are a bit of a custom design, as each RE engine is slightly different in a way and requires plenty of maintenance to keep it stable.

As far as armaments go, the Aspire's primary weapon is its beam rifle. Although simplistic in variety and design, the MA - 072 beam rifle is a surprisingly good weapon. Capable in bolt/SMG firing modes, the rifle utilizes the photon energy created by the ER engine to create and fire its projectiles. The MA - 072 beam rifle is usable in both MS and flight modes. The Aspire also houses two .75 caliber MG's fitted into the sides of its head, designed to shoot down small targets such as missiles, however the energy output of the RE engine has not been incorporated into the MG's, therefore it remains as nothing but a simple pair of MG's. The Aspire is fitted with two beam sabers, found on either side of its head, on the main torso just before it connects with the shoulders. The beam sabers also utilize the photon energy and the length of its blade is blue in appearance. Aspire is fitted with a beam shield on its left arm, to block incoming projectiles (physical attacks such as a physical blade will pierce it),and takes the form of multiple beam hexagons fitted together into a shield formation.

Although its arsenal may be simplistic and small, the Aspire is a machine that depends on precision and the skills of the pilot to give it the upper edge in MS combat. Due to its excellent mobility, other MS's will have a hard time following it in performance and flexibility in combat.
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Zerg170 Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
nice, glad to see you back.
kimchijung Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
thank you :)
heads up your dragoon MS will be redone sometime (no gaurantees as to when lol)
Zerg170 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
cool cant whate to see that, oh can the aspire fly in space and air?
kimchijung Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
The Aspire can fly within the atmosphere, but has no way of getting into space by itself. If it were to be ferried into space tho, it'd have zero gravity performance capabilities, since it has a propulsion system that practically covers its entire body for mobility and instantaneous change in direction. this would allow it to maneuver around well in space.
Zerg170 Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2012
kimchijung Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
Practice! the more you draw the better you get ^^
(i used to be a terrible drawer believe it or not...)
xtracol Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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